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History of Kent County, Maryland
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HISTORY OF KENT COUNTY, MARYLAND: 1630-1916. Fred G. Usilton. Soft Cover, (1911), repr. 2005, New All-Name Index, 296 pages. This history contains data from 1630-1916 concerning Kent County and its county town, Chestertown. Kent County was developed from the Isle of Kent, an area much fought over by Maryland and Virginia in the early 1600's. It is based on facts contained In books, newspapers and articles. This work traces the progress of the county, from political, educational, and religious standpoints, as well as recounting Indian stones, racing events, and superstitions. Lists of county and town officials, as well as soldiers are included. Other important people discussed are Claiborne, Tilghman, Parker, Reed, Knight, Pearce, Vickers, Usilton, Wroth, and many others. Fascinating photographs, illustrations, and a map provide readers with a special view of early Kent County. A New Every-Name index has been added. Just some of the surnames listed in the index: Abbot, Adkins, Adkinson, Aldridge, Alexander, Anderson, Anthony, Apsley, Arthur, Ashley, Atkinson, Bacchus, Baker, Baltimore, Banning, Barnes, Barnett, Barrett, Barroll, Bates, Beck, Benjamin, Bennett, Benton, Bingham, Blackiston, Blake, Bordley, Bowers, Boyd, Bradford, Bradley, Brainthwayte, Breckenbridge, Brice, Brooke, Brown, Browne, Browning, Burchinal, Burgess, Burke, Butler, Cadwalader, Cain Caldwell, Calvert, Camp, Campbell, Cannon Carmichael, Carr, Carroll, Carter, Carvill, Casey, Caulk, Chambers, Chapman, Claiborne, Clard, Clay, Clements, Cochrane, Cole, Coleman, Collins, Comegys, Constable, Cooper, Copper, Cornwallis, Covington, Crane, Crawford, Creasy, Crew, Crothers, Crouch, Culp, Curtis, Dallas, Cavis, Dawson, Day, Degrasse, Denroche, Dixon, Dodd, Donaldson, Dorris, Dorsey, Downes, Downey, Dugan, Durding, Duyer, Eagle, Earle, Eccleston, Edwards, Eliason, Elliott, Emery, England, Evans, Evelin, Falls, Gerguson, Fillmore, Fisher, Fleming, Flower, Ford, Forman, Forrester, Fowler, Frazier, Freeman, French, Frisby, Fuller, Gale, Garnett, George, Gibbs, Gill, Godding, Goodwin, Gordon, Gould, Graham, Grant, Graves, Greenfield, Greenwood, Greene, Griffith, Hackett, Hague, Haley, Hall, Hamilton, Handy, Hanson, Harper, Harris, Harrison, Hayes, Henry, Hepburn, Herman, Hicks, Hill, Hines, Hollingsworth, Hopkins, Hopper, Horney, Howard, Hubbard, Hudson, Huey, Hurlock, Hynson, Ingle, Ireland, Jackson, James, Janvier, Jarrell, Jefferson, Joce, Johnson, Jones, Kelley, Kelly, Kemp, Kendall, Kennard, Knight, Krusen, Lamb, Lambert, Lassell, Latham, Leary, Leaverton, Lee, Legg, Lofland, Long, Lowe, Lusby, Magnor, Mansfield, Marine, Martin, Massey, Mathews, Maxwell, McCoy, McFeely, McNeil, Medders, Medford, Meeteer, Merritt, Middleton, Miller, Moffett, Montgomery, Moore, Morgan, Murray, Nichols, Nicholson, Norris, Owens, Parker, Page, Parks, Parsons, Peale, Pearch, Pennington, Perkins, Peter, Pippin, Plummer, Price, Purnell, Rasin, Redue, Reed, Rees, Reese, Reiche, Ricaud, Ringgold, Roads, Roberts, Robinson, Rogers, Rouse, Russell, Salsbury, Sanford, Satterfield, Schuyler, Schwatka, Scott, Sears, Sewell, Seymour, Shaw, Sheppard, Shuster, Simmonds, Simmons, Simpers, Skeggs, Skidmore, Skirven, Slay, Smith, Smyth, Spencer, Stam, Stanley, Stuart, Stump, Sullivan, Sutton, Taylor, Tevis, Thomas, Thomason, Thompson, Tilghman, Toulson, Townsend, Trew, Turner, Twilley, Urie, Usilton, Usselton, Ussleton, Ute, Valliant, Vanderbush, Vandergrift, Vannort, Vaughan, Vickers, Voss, Walker, Wallis, Waltham, Ward, Warren, Warum, Washington, Waters, Watson, Watts, Webster, Welch, West, Westcott, Whaland, Wheatley, Wickes, Wixcox, Wilkins, Williamson, Willis, Wilmer, Wilson, Wood, Woodall, Worrell, Wright, Wroth, Young.


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