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Welcome to Janaway Genealogy Books

Janaway Publishing, Inc., which was opened in 1999, is a genealogical and historical publisher who provides books, CD-ROMs, historical maps, and other genealogical products for historians, genealogists, libraries, historical or genealogical organizations, and anyone interested in learning about the past. Browse through Janaway's Genealogy Products, where you will find mostly new family genealogy books, some used genealogy books, as well as our Print-on-Demand Books for the out-of-print historical and genealogy book titles. Go to the Janaway Bookstore and use our Search Engine to locate books on family genealogy, local and county history and reference books to help search obituaries, census data, and other vital information. Use Janaway's Two Catalogs...the "General Catalog" or the "Print-on-Demand Catalog" ... and their various categories, to locate your genealogy books in a more systematic manner...for example Irish genealogy, Tennessee Genealogy, Ohio Genealogy, Texas Genealogy, Kentucky Genealogy, Virginia Genealogy, etc. Look for Janaway's Free Genealogy Resources, such as our Free Genealogy Book Search, the Latter Day Saints or Mormon Family History Center Locator, as well as links to free genealogy search engines. And don't forget our books on CD...we have an incredible selection of books on CD-ROM.


More News and Information

Byron Sistler and Associates, Inc., and SistlerGenealogy.com Has Permanently Moved...To Janaway Genealogy Books!

Byron Sistler and Associates, Inc., has been a genealogy book publisher of Tennessee and Kentucky records for more than 40 years. Since Byron Sistler's death in 2004, the family continued to operate this  successful and prominent publishing company but have now decided to close up shop. To maintain their quality service and to assure the availability of all their titles, the Sistlers have now moved their entire inventory to Janaway Publishing, Inc., and Janaway Genealogy Books, who will continue publishing all of Sistler's books under the Janaway Publishing imprint.


Indian Scout Books, a Native American Book Publisher and Bookstore, is Now a Division of Janaway Publishing, Inc.

Indian Scout Books, which has long been a leading book seller of Native American books and material, has been purchased by Janaway Publishing, Inc.  Billie Edgington, the previous owner, who has been a familiar face at genealogical conventions and functions for years, decided to retire and devote more of her time to research and writing. For the time being, Indian Scout Bookstore will continue to operate from the original Website under the new name Indian Scout Bookstore.


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Janaway Genealogy Books


New Genealogy Books, Reprints and CDs

***NEW!***  Click here to veiw our new releases of books by Carlos B. Vega, Ph.D.

During the past 25 years, Dr. Vega has written extensively on the plight of Hispanics and their efforts to gain proper recognition for their enormous contributions in the discovery, settlement, and establishment of the United States. His approach is not one of uncovering new, exciting information, but rather one of painstaking research of existing information, that is often ignored or difficult to locate, and incorporating this information into America's historical narrative.

RAILWAY PASSENGER LISTS OF OVERLAND TRAINS TO SAN FRANCISCO AND THE WEST. Two Volumes. By Louis J. Rasmussen. Hardbound, 2 vols., (1966-1968), reprinted 2010, Surname Index, Geographical Index, Subject Index, 408 pp. and 504 pp. When the transcontinental railroad was completed in 1869, there was great celebration of being "connected to the rest of the world." The West was no longer separated by the snowy reaches of the Sierras, and the railroad brought to the Pacific States and Territories a mighty flood of prosperity, as well as new immigrants. To the rest of the United States, as well as other countries, it also brought an improved means of transportation for visiting the fabled region which had, theretofore, been only accessible by ship to the outward opening of the Golden Gate, or a long, difficult journey by wagon or horseback. The original Overland Train passenger lists are no longer in existence. In the absence of such records, this ambitious work provides a reconstruction of passenger arrivals between 1870 and 1873 using contemporary sources, such as journals, diaries, letters, magazines and newspaper lists. This effort addresses Overland Trains, bound West, with passengers tabulated at the time of passing Ogden, Utah; Carlin, Nevada; Battle Mountain, Nevada; and Mojave, California. A number of entries in Volume I tabulate passengers...   ...View Book

THE COLORED PATRIOTS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. With Sketches of Several Distinguished Colored Persons: To Which is Added a Brief Survey of the Condition and Prospects of Colored Americans. By William C. Nell. Softcover, (1855), reprinted 2010, Illus., 396 pp. Introduction written by Harriet Beecher Stowe. This book has been resurrected after lying dormant for nearly 100 years. Used as a textbook in the late 1800s and the early 1900s, it has recently been the subject of several high-profile discussions on American History as it relates to the treatment and recognition of African American contributions at the time of our nation's founding.   ...View Book

A HISTORY OF THE PIONEER FAMILIES OF MISSOURI, WITH NUMEROUS SKETCHES, ANECDOTES, ADVENTURES, ETC., RELATING TO THE EARLY DAYS IN MISSOURI. Also the Lives of Daniel Boone and the Celebrated Indian Chief Black Hawk, With Numerous Biographies and Histories of Primitive Institutions. William S. Bryan and Robert Rose. Softcover, (1876, 1935), repr. 2002, 2011, Illus., Index, 596 pp. This work, published in five parts, holds a wealth of information for those researching early families of Missouri. Of the 590 pages of text, approximately 275 pages are devoted to complete genealogical histories of more than 800 families, from the five contiguous counties of St. Charles, Montgomery, Warren, Audrain, and Callaway, with an additional 54 pages devoted to the life of Daniel Boone. The book also contains historical information on the initial days in Missouri, religious matters, affairs of government, the Indian War, the New Madrid Earthquakes, as well as other antiquities. ...View Book

EARLY VIRGINIA IMMIGRANTS, 1623-1666. George Cabell Greer. Softcover, (1912), repr. 2010, 376 pp. Subsequent to the publication of Hotten's Immigrants, no successful effort had been made to gather together, in one volume, a list of the thousands of persons who came into Virginia during the early period of her life. When the author began his endeavor to supplement Hotten, the records of the Land Office in Richmond remained the only source from which these names could be obtained. Prior to the publication of this work, it was simply impossible, without the most extensive and expensive research, to obtain names of persons who came to Virginia, unless they themselves were patentees of land; and the great majority of immigrants to the colony do not appear as patentees. A list of the immigrants to Virginia has always been a desideratum to the genealogist. To descendants of early Virginia immigrants this work will, in many cases, offer an opportunity to trace their ancestry. It will often be the means of forming ... View Book

ABSTRACT OF LAND GRANT SURVEYS OF AUGUSTA AND ROCKINGHAM COUNTIES, VIRGINIA, 1761-1791. Peter C. Kaylor. Softcover, (1930), repr. 2009, New, Index, 150 pp. Realizing the importance of land conveyance records to any genealogist who may attempt to write biography and knowing that the Rockingham County deed records were partly burned in 1864, thereby effacing many deeds, the authors of this book have made an abstract and index of land surveys of Augusta and Rockingham counties from 1751 to 1791. These abstracts include the name of the person for whom the survey was made, the location of the land, and the name of the owner or owners of the adjoining land. These surveys were made for original land patents by Thomas Lewis, surveyor for Augusta County, and later for ... View Book

Index to Tennessee Wills & Administrations 1779-1861Byron & Barbara Sistler, Softcover, (1990), reprinted 2007, self-indexed, vi + 411 pp.  This invaluable index, by two distinguished genealogists, has long been regarded as one of the most important sourcebooks in Tennessee genealogy. It documents over 41,500 entries covering all 62 counties for which antebellum estate records have survived. It is arranged by surname, so the entire list of wills of any given family in the state can be found under one heading.  View Book

Early Tennessee Tax Lists. Byron Sistler and Barbara Sistler. Softcover, (1977), repr. 2010, Alphabetical Listing, 226 pp. Research in Tennessee for the period prior to 1830 poses some difficult problems because no complete census schedules for the state exist before that date. This book is an attempt at filling that gap. It is a single index to 68 county tax lists, petitions, voter lists, and newspaper lists of inhabitants in 34 counties. The earliest list included is from 1787 and the latest 1827. About 2/3 of the state's counties in existence in 1820 are included in one or more lists, as follows: Anderson 1805; Bedford 1812; Bledsoe 1815; Blount 1800, 1801, 1805; Campbell 1818, 1823; Carter 1796, 1798; Claiborne 1803; Cocke 1821, 1827; Davidson 1788, 1805, 1811; Franklin 1812 ...View Book

RECONSTRUCTED 1810 CENSUS OF TENNESSEE. Charles Sherrill. Softcover, (2001), repr. 2011, Index, 576 pp. This work provides a substitute for the lost 1810 Tennessee Census, abstracted from a wide range of records from 1809 to 1811. Many entries include extra information about women, children, free blacks and slaves; the names of cities and counties; the original source record; and any notes. More than 33,000 Long-Lost Records from Tax Lists, Court Minutes, Church Records, Wills, Deeds, and Other Sources have been referenced.... View Book

EARLY WEST TENNESSEE MARRIAGES. Two Volumes. Byron Sistler and Barbara Sistler. Softcover, (1989), repr. 2011, Index, 670 pp. In this two-volume set, Volume 1 is arranged by grooms, Volume 2 arranged by brides. There are approximately 57,000 marriages (114,000 names), including all extant antebellum records from West Tennessee. All pre-1861 marriages are set forth and, where feasible and convenient (primarily because of cutoff dates of the original books), the authors have also included many later records as well. Following are the counties that are the subject of this work, followed by the years represented: Benton 1832-1869, Carroll 1838-1873, Dyer 1860-1879, Fayette 1838-1871, Gibson 1824-1870, Hardeman 1823-1861, Haywood 1859-1878, Henry 1838-1867, Lauderdale 1838-1867, Madison 1823-1871, McNairy 1861-1865, Obion 1824-1877, Shelby 1819-1865, Tipton 1840-1874, Weakley 1840-1874. ...View Book

CALIFORNIA CENTRAL COAST PIONEER FAMILIES. Two Volumes. Compiled by Barbara Bruce Cole. Softcover, 2 vols., 2009, 8.5" x 11", Illus., Index, 624 pp. The publication of California Central Coast Pioneer Families offers researchers an unprecedented opportunity to acquire a comprehensive collection of many pioneer family histories published originally in the Santa Maria Valley Genealogical Society & Library Quarterly, from 1977 to 2004.  This two-volume work, compiled by Barbara Bruce Cole as the principal researcher, along with other contributors, provides the lineage and history of 88 pioneer families, and the connections of over 2500 families. Of equal importance, the publication of this work marks the first time these family history articles have been completely indexed! ...View Book

SLAVE TRANSACTIONS OF GUADALUPE COUNTY, TEXAS. Mark Gretchen. Softcover, 2009, 8.5" x 11", Illus, Index, 342 pp. The sale, mortgage, and conveyance of slaves through the probate process were common elements of a robust slave trade that existed in most of the settled areas of antebellum Texas. These and other slave transactions are fully described in this reference history of the slave trade of an early Central Texas county. Deeds, deeds of trust, probate cases and district court cases are used as source records to provide names and descriptions of slaves that were sold, mortgaged, hired-out, conveyed as property in an estate settlement, or named in a criminal prosecution from 1840 through 1865. ...View Book

REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIERS BURIED IN ALABAMA. Mrs. Patrick Hues Mell. Softcover, (1904), repr. 2009, Alphabetical Listing, 50 pp. Excerpted from the Transactions 1899-1903, Volume IV; Published by The Alabama Historical Society, Montgomery, Alabama, 1904. An alphabetical listing of Revolutionary War Soldiers buried in Alabama, many with biographical sketches and genealogies. ...View Book



THE DAMON FAMILY OF WAYLAND, MASSACHUSETTS. Richard A. Damon, Jr. Softcover, (1997), 2009, 6" x 9", Index, viii + 439 pp. This work includes 11 generations of the descendants of the immigrant Thomas Damon, from England.  Research indicates that there are potentially three separate lines of the Damon family in the United States, founded by settlers who arrived here in the early 1600s, two of them definitely from Kent County, in England and, in all likelihood, the third also from there. An extensive correspondence between D. Bradford Damon and the author was carried on for many years with a full exchange of data. D. Bradford concentrated on the Scituate line, by far the largest of the three, and the author concentrated on the other two, the Reading line and the Wayland line....View Book

"FINDING MR. JOHNSON." An Example of How To Do Genealogical Research. By Leigh Taylor, Gerald Callinan, Mike Andersen, Charlotte Payne. Softcover, 2008, 8.5" x 11", Illus., Maps, Index, 192 pp. This is a story about finding the parents of two adopted siblings and a half-brother they never knew existed, until his death. It's a story of people driven out of their village and homeland due to starvation who traveled thousands of miles to make a new life in Minnesota, arriving in Carver County in 1869. It's an adventure in genealogical research with all its twists and unexpected turns.. It's a story of finally solving the puzzle about who was Christina's father, thus giving a name and ancestry of Christina and her brother who had been separated by adoption nearly 150 years ago. Includes family trees for the following surnames: Andersson, Carlsson, Cullen, Eckblad, Johnson, Joorgensen/Johannessen, Murphy, Lawsson, Restadius, Swanson, and Wurst.   ...View Book


We have just added over 500 Civil War books that are now available through Janaway Genealogy Books.  Many of these reprinted titles are extremely rare and have not been available for many years.  View our Civil War Page and review those books with the Code Numbers beginning with "CW." ...View Civil War Books

The 1790 Census of the United States of America, CD-ROM. United States Bureau of the Census. CD-ROM, 2007, Index, 2,648 pp. The entire published 1790 Census of the United States, over 400,000 names listed, in 12 published volumes. This CD-ROM contains 2,648 pages, comprising all twelve (12) of the 1790 Census books, entitled Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790, which were originally published by the United States Bureau of the Census in 1907 or 1908. The total number of names contained in these publications (and, thus, on this CD-ROM) is approximately 400,000, out of a total population of approximately 3,900,000.....  View CD

Virginia Immigrants and Adventurers, 1607-1635: A Biographical Dictionary. Martha W. McCartney. Hardcover, 2007, Maps, Index, 833 pp. The first collection ever published of biographical sketches of the earliest settlers of Jamestown and Virginia. In 1607 America's first permanent English colony was planted on Jamestown Island, in Virginia. Soon afterwards, thousands of immigrants flocked to Jamestown and surrounding areas on the James and York Rivers, where they struggled to maintain a foothold. A number of these settlers--by their own prodigious efforts or by virtue of their financial investment in the colony--rose to prominence, leaving a paper trail that historians have followed ever since. The majority, however--the ordinary men, women, and children whose efforts enabled the colony to become viable--simply escaped notice. As a result, 400 years later, we're still curious about Virginia's earliest settlers--who they were, where they lived, and how they lived. To answer ... View Book

Tennesseans in the War of 1812. Byron Sistler and Samuel Sistler. Softcover, (1992), repr. 2007, Alphabetical, 549 pp. An alphabetical listing of all persons in Tennessee units in the War of 1812. An alphabetical listing of all persons in Tennessee units in the War of 1812. Included for each entry are the name, rank, regimental commander, company commander, branch of service, and, where shown, place of residence of the soldier. In addition, the authors also included other information of interest, such as date wounded or died...if while in service...whether deserted or absent with leave, or if discharged for inability to serve. View Book



Southside Virginia Genealogies, CD-ROM. Southside Virginia Genealogies is a compilation of several hundred family histories, each of which, typically, extends back to the colonial period in Southside Virginia. This remarkable CD compilation actually began life as an Internet site--Virginians.com--and it has racked up more than a million visitors since its inception in 2001. Since then it has grown to 4,000 pages and continues to be a popular destination for anyone researching Southside lineages. However, it has recently been configured to include only first generation data, so this new CD version of Southside Virginia Genealogies is now the only means of gaining access to the full range of information on all generations. ... View Book

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